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From Dr.John Olawale
NNPC Falomo Office Complex

Dear Sir,

Permission to remit US$15 million into your company or private account. It is my pleasure to write and inform you of a transaction involving the transfer of US$15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million U.S Dollars Only) into a foreign account for safekeeping pending my arrival for the sharing with you as the account owner into which the money is remitted.

I am Dr.John Olawale, chairman tender board committee with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), our duties include evaluation and awards of contract. This money originated from over-invoiced contract executed for the corporation some years back. A foreign firm has long completed this contract and the contractor duly paid. I now seek if you would permit the surplus to be remitted into your account. As a matter of fact, we are top government officials and we cannot acquire this money in our name, because we are not allowed to operate a foreign account while in service. This is why i am looking for a competent and honest company or individual abroad into whose account the sum of US$15, 000,000(Fifteen Million U.S Dollars Only) will be paid into by telegraphic transfer. Hence i am contacting you.

However, i would wish to receive your personal assurance that you would not betray me after the fund must have arrived your account. more importantly, you are to keep this transaction confidential, in order not to tarnish the confidence reposed on me and the officials involved in this transaction.

You will be entitled to 20% of this money after the transaction, while 80% will be for the officials. Every arrangement towards the successful completion of this transaction has been concluded. Please note that this business is 100% safe and risk free and i hope that the fund arrives your account in latest 10 banking days from the date of the receipt of the following information.

1. Your name in full
2. Residential address
3. Date of birth (age)
4. Contact telephone number for easy communication.

The above information will enable me apply for the payment into your account.

Be informed that on completion of this business i will travel down to your country for disbursement and i will use part of my money to invest in your country under your care. For security reasons, please kindly send your reply to my private email address:
My deepest prayers for you.

Best regards,
Dr.John Olawale

Eintrag-Nr.: 73
30-12-2006, 14:48:33


Dr.John Olawale




Liebe Freunde und Fans der Musicalbranche,

seit neuestem ist geplant, ein neues Fanclub-Portal rund um Musicals und deren Darsteller aufzubauen.

Die Idee, die dahinter steckt, ist eine übergreifende Internetseite zu erstellen, die viele Fanclubs rund um das Thema "Musicals" und "Musicaldarsteller" vereint.

Wenn auch ihr kostenlos in dieses Verzeichnis aufgenommen werden wollt, dann bitte ich euch um Rückmeldung und ihr erhaltet weitere Informationen.

Eine Website wird schnellstmöglich online sein, um euch ein Bild dieses Projektes zu vermitteln.

Ich hoffe auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit und in diesem Sinne,
viele liebe Grüße,
euer Musical-Fans-Team

Eintrag-Nr.: 72
14-12-2005, 15:09:10






dear andrew,
good luck in your auditions sorry i cannot phone you from tenereife but the mobile doesn't work from here. i can't wait to hear your news, i'll try and phone you. weather here is not sunny at the moment, in fact it has been raining, just my luck. still i'm having a great time and people here are very friendly. i'll speak to you soon. Tell nan i'm o.k love you. mum.

Eintrag-Nr.: 71
06-11-2005, 21:27:33





wollte nur fragen, ob man andrew email-mässig erreichen kann wegen einer einverständniserklärung...*g*
Wär lieb, wenn mir das jemand sagen könnte!
liebe grüße!

Hallo Denise,
Andrew ist bisher nicht per mail zu erreichen, da er nur sehr unregelmässig ins Netz kann. Ich würde einfach die anfrage per postweg an ihn schicken.

Tut uns leid, dass wir dir da nicht helfen können.

dein HP-Team

Eintrag-Nr.: 70
25-10-2005, 14:03:00



Siegen /NRW



hi homepage team
when is andrew back from holiday? i went to watch a show last week and was very upset he was not in and i travelled from denmark. can you please put andrews holiday dates on this website so people can know when he is not there.
thank you. i hope to watch andrew soon

Hello Johanne,
You can read the holiday date in the old news-archive or at Andrews Forum. I'm sorry that I hadn't write the october dates at the news again. I forgot it, cause it was really stressful at work the last weeks. Hope you can forgive me. Smile Andrew will fly back to Berlin today.

Much greetings,

Eintrag-Nr.: 69
18-10-2005, 12:29:18


Johanne moller



Hey Andrew!

Did you receive my letter to your birthday??? I'm not sure, because you haven't answered yet... I was the one with the sunflower in July!
I wrote that I wanted to come to Berlin in September next time, but I cancelled this tripp. I'll be in Berlin at the 23th of november! Perhaps we can meet in the afternoon to drink a coffee together as you suggested it the last time... Please mail to me!


Eintrag-Nr.: 68
17-10-2005, 16:24:45


Sonja Kogelheide




Recently you took a class that I was in at phil winston's theatreworks as afirst year. I would just like to say how I thouroughly enjoyed it and thank you.

Eintrag-Nr.: 67
13-10-2005, 17:41:09






Hey Andrew,
We just want to wish you nice holidays.
Don't use the drinking game too often Mr. Green
We're looking forward to come at the end of October. Big Grin Ja,ja,ja!
We miss ya
Many Hugs
Crissi & Carmen

Eintrag-Nr.: 66
07-10-2005, 00:07:32


Chriyy & Carmen




hi andrew!
sorry.. I've missed your birthday but i saw that you are only a year an 3 days older... Smile I thought you were older... Wink
i hope you had a nice bday..
i hoped to talk to you in august but you talked to marcus (@ the sd) and then nobody has seen you again.. Sad
january is coming soon Wink
i wish you an your Webmis (great page!!) a nice week an enjoy the "great weather"... Smile
Many greetings..

Eintrag-Nr.: 65
14-09-2005, 22:16:57





Hi Andrew!
It was great to see you again!!! The show yesterday was really great!!!
Hope to see you soon, maybe on the 25th november!
Take care and keep smiling Big Grin
Yours Vanessa

Eintrag-Nr.: 64
11-09-2005, 14:26:28





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