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The Cookson's schrieb am 02-06-2004, 06:52:21:
Hi Carla.
The girls enjoyed your pictures. Swim club is under way and we're looking forward to a great swim season. Missing you on deck. Hope to see you soon. Cool
Renee Bendfeld schrieb am 27-05-2004, 22:36:08:
Carla, Your pictures were great makes have the travelling bug. What a wonderful experience and hope this is just the start of the world touring. Looking forward to seeing more pictures at Camrose.
Alvin & Dorothy schrieb am 17-05-2004, 19:41:53:
Hi Carla, Now I know how it works. We enjoyed your photos. Hope you're having lots of fun & I'm sure you are learning lots. We are all fine. Jon is in Europe somewhere, he is with the "Plaid Tongued Devils," their schedule is on their web page, www.thedevils.com. Becky is finished university but is now taking a 3 month obstetrical course. We look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing your stories when you get back. All the best.
Love, Alvin & Dorothy
Alvin & Dorothy schrieb am 17-05-2004, 19:27:22:
Hi Carla,
jim bob jones from canmore.....lol schrieb am 10-05-2004, 01:21:41:
Rolleyes Unsure Laugh Blink Cool Mr. Green Happy Huh Big Grin Fear Wub
hi bye
Gary Fossen schrieb am 26-04-2004, 04:58:40:
Big Grin Cool Smile Sleep Hi Carla, how are you doing? Hope all is well and you are having a great time. Amy Regan and myself just found out about your website so decided to have a look at your pictures and send you a quick note. Rolleyes We are just getting very busy with school, soccer and baseball. I hear you are moving to Camrose and we look forward to you being in town. We just got your postcard the other day and enjoyed hearing from you. Take care.

Gary,Rhonda Amy Regan and Taylor.
amy c schrieb am 15-04-2004, 00:34:33:
Wub Blink Cool Tounge whats up? havent talked to ya for a while so i figgured it was time... lol lame... its snowing rite now and im sad Sad but i hope the sun comes out again anyways hows your math coming along? i hope you are having fun over there and judging by the pictures there are few sorrowful moments. i miss ya lots just like everyone else so dont forget were thinkin of ya! hang tight (oxymoron lol)youll have to teach me this new improved language when you come back!!by the way what is wohnort? i didnt know what to type there... see ya later Wink
Hailey schrieb am 24-03-2004, 04:53:02:
Hey howz it going overseas, now we can call you a foreigner. Can't wait til you get back.
Love you lots HaileySmile
Jenny Nordstrom schrieb am 04-03-2004, 21:00:22:
I wish I could read some of this! but the pics are neat. I hope you are having an awesome time Carla! luv you.
Stefan schrieb am 29-02-2004, 23:43:05:
Ich hoffe das dir deine Hompage grfällt und das du einige neue Einträge in dein Gestebuch erhältst!
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