Jake & Janie's Wedding Day Book

Welcome to the wedding day book for Jake and Janie!#0D#0AOn october 26th, 2003 they are gonna celebrate their very first wedding day and here you can post your wishes, lyrics or poems for the two. #0D#0AThanx to everyone participating!
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Dana schrieb am 22-03-2004, 18:33:31:
Hi!I think it's very late now but I wish you all the best and hope that we have little Jake's & Janie's soon.Wub
Bye and with best wishes your Dana
WubIn love DanaWub
Shaylyn Hartley schrieb am 10-11-2003, 02:20:51:
hello you love birds!Wub

just wanted to say happy anniversy!!!Cool.. i wish the best to come!.. and i got a question??.. wheres jake and janie jr??Wink.. lol haha im just kidding!Tounge.. best wishes!!Smile

love ya,
Stefanie Solingen, Germany schrieb am 30-10-2003, 17:17:27:
All best wishes to you wedding day! Hope everything is as good as you both imagined!
Good Luck!
Miri Darmstadt / Frankfurt / Germany schrieb am 28-10-2003, 11:05:30:
Dear Jake & Janie!
2 days too late, but from the bottom of my heart: I WISH U ALL!!! THE BEST FOR UR WHOLE LIFE!!!
U went though good and bad times, but ur marriage one year ago was the promise for your love to each other, which will (hopefully) be forever!

God bless you!

Much love,
miri Wub
Melanie Mohr (Melie) 53639 Königswinter, GERMANY schrieb am 26-10-2003, 22:16:12:
Dear Jake, dear Janie ,

I know it's been a while that you've been together up to now, there were good, there were bad times.

Don't miss a day, sayin' I love U*s to each other because I'm sure YOU DO.
Truly and from the heart I'd like to say, that I am sure, you'll never ever break apart.

You made your decision well, this is the ONE thing I can tell.

Today's ya day, so enjoy it much
A day with kisses, love and touch(es).

To love somebody it's a nice thing
But, surely, I hate to wait
for the mobile phone to ring.

But if it is ringing, the feeling's just grow,
the sound of ya voice can heal every woe.

Jake, have a nice day, and come back soon,
we German fans miss you and ya family, too.

Janie, I hope you'll both have some kids some day, I guess they'll be as skilled as Jake, if Jake teaches them to play (the guitar).

I wish you all the best, a super future and don't forget to smile every day, for time will pass away. The day turns into the night, the stars are shining bright. But the most twinkling stars, are the beloved person in ya hearts...

...Keep on having a good relation-ship.

See you on tour some day? Or maybe at a hotel? We will see what the future brings, love is one of the craziest things.

Love ya, Melie

Jana Porta Westfalica schrieb am 26-10-2003, 20:38:24:
Dear Jake and Janie,
I wish you all the best for your first wedding day! I hope you have a great day with your friends and family.
Celebrate together and your love will never end.
Congratulations, you are one of the cutest couple in the world,
big kisses from
Jana! Wub
Rachel Collingwood schrieb am 26-10-2003, 18:54:41:
I just wanted to wish Jacob and Janie a Happy 1st year of marrage. I hope yu have many more.
Nicole schrieb am 26-10-2003, 18:38:43:
Happy Anniversary! You guys deserve all the best! Congrats!Wub
Shinelle schrieb am 26-10-2003, 17:14:54:
Awww HAPPY ANNAVISERY Jabob and Janie!Wub Smile
Ashleigh schrieb am 23-10-2003, 05:50:25:
Hey, I just really, really wanted to wish Jacob and Janie a happy one year anniversary! I hope you both are very happy with one another, and I wish for nothing but the best for you both! SmileHave fun, and God bless you both!

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