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Lange nichts von dir gehört. War`s du im Urlaub?
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is formed by Bagheria, Ficarazzi, Villabate, Casteldaccia and Altavilla Milicia families. In it lies The Triangle Of Death (area between Bagheria, Altavilla Milicia and Casteldaccia)

In July 1892 was campiere Francesco Miceli killed and his place was taken in by Nicolo Trapani

Villabate Mafioso Matteo Filippello was attacked and wounded in June 1896. The reason of the attack was told by Loreto Lo Monaco (soon killed)

USA based Giovanni zarcone from barrel mystery case (1906?)
In this period, the Zarcone clan strongly linked itself through marriages to the Locascio family. Originally from the town of Altavilla Milicia in Sicily, just southeast of Bagheria, the Locascios had settled in the Chicago area. Giovanna Zarcone married Mariano Locascio. Peter Zarcone married Mariano’s cousinAngela Locascio

USA based zarcone
Then, in spring 1909, the Zarcone name appeared again in the newspapers. Giovanni’s nephew Pietro, a butcher living on Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, was arrested April 14 for the killing of racketeer AndreaGambino.

Leonardo Greco – capo mandamento

Bagheria capo mafia Antonino Mineo, capo mafia Carlo Greco? (not related to Leonardo Greco, capo mafia Picciurro and now capo mafia Leonardo Greco (capomandamento and the brother of Nicola Greco)

Villabate capo mafia Salvatore Montalto, then his son capo mafia Giuseppe Montalto who was arrested 4 February 1993, capo mafia Pitarresi and then capo mafia Francesco Di Fresco (capomandamento)

Bagheria family Mineo
Antonino Mineo and his cousins Francesco Mineo and Ignazio Mineo (senator who was killed in 1984)

Bagheria family Aiello
Gaetano Aiello (died in 1992) and his son the entrepreneur Michele Aiello (he had ties to the in 1989 killed boss Antonino Mineo)

Bagheria family Scaduto
Salvatore Scaduto and wife Greco (daughter Ciaculli capo mafia Salvatore Greco “the senator”) had as son Giuseppe “Pino” Scaduto (his daughter Maria Catena Scaduto). Giuseppe “Pino” Scaduto’s nephews the brothers Paolo Scaduto, Giacinto Scaduto and Lorenzo Scaduto.

Bagheria family Lo Presti
Francesco Lo Presti (his wife is Francesca Battaglia) and his sister is Epifania Letizia Lo Presti.

Bagheria family Alfano
Capo mafia Michelangelo Alfano and his nephews the brothers Vincenzo Alfano and Stefano Alfano.

The old boss Giuseppe Fontana

Pietro Di Peri (killed in August 1982) and his sons Villabate capo mafia Giovanni Di Peri (killed 25 December 1981), Salvatore Di Peri (killed in August 1982) and Giuseppe Di Peri (killed 11 March 1995). Giuseppe Di Peri and Marcella Messina sons Salvatore Paolo Di Peri (killed 11 March 1995), Maurizio Di Peri and Davide Di Peri

Villabate family Pitarresi
Antonino Pitarresi and his son Biagio Pitarresi (both killed in 1981). Biagio Pitarresi son in law MomminoTerranova

Villabate capo mafia Giovanni D’Agati
Villabate capo mafia Giovanni D’Agati (born 28 June 1940)

Antonino “Nino” Mandala (born 25 March 1939) and his son Nicola Mandala (born 8 March 1968)

Pietro Messicati Vitale (killed in 1988) and his son Antonino Messicati Vitale

Capo mafia Giovanni Trapani, his sister Silvana Trapani and niece Mariangela Manna

Capo mafia Atanassio Alcamo

17 Gennaio 1947 A Ficarazzi (PA) viene ucciso communist Pietro Macchiarella

Communist Nunzio Sansone è stato ucciso il 13 febbraio 1947 a Villabate

Joe Profaci in Brooklyn
In 1956 Joe Profaci in Brooklyn was recorded talking about the export of oranges with Cottone in Sicily. The Brooklyn number rung by Cottone was the same number rung by Luciano from Naples and Coppola from Anzio. All were recorded by the Palermo Questura talking ecstatically about high grade Sicilian oranges.

Villabate capo mafia Antonio Cottone killed
22 August 1956, kill Saccaro's friends Antonio Cottone, the boss of Villabate, he ran the meat supply to Palermo's markets and got his meat from cattle thief Luciano Leggio who was spotted more and more with his Corleonesi in Palermo.

28 June 1963 two bakers find a suspect car parked in front of the home of Serafino Di Peri. They alarm a night watch man who inspects the car when a bomb explodes which kills Giuseppe Trovato.

27 Aprile 1969 Altavilla Milicia (PA). Restava ucciso Orazio Costantino, carabiniere scelto, nel tentativo di arrestare gli autori di una estorsione.

23 July 1973 disappeared Cesare Romano Monachelli, his body was found 24 December 1973, the suspect is the boss Giovanni Pitarresi.

12 January 1974 was Pietro Ciresi killed, the suspect is the boss Giovanni Pitarresi.

20 November 1974 was Angelo Minafo killed, suspect is the boss Pitarresi.

Casteldaccia capo mafia Giuseppe “Pino”Panno disappearance (Stefano Bontate supporter)
11 March 1981 disappeared Giuseppe Panno (90) the boss of Casteldaccia (Palermo province), he is a supporter of Bontate and Inzerillo.
Casteldaccia capo mafia Angelo Ficano (51 when killed 27 march 1989)

25 December 1981 drives Giovanni Di Peri the boss of Villabate with his underboss Antonino Pitarresi (survived but was kidnapped by the men, killed and disappeared) and his son Biagio Pitarresi through Bagheria when they are suddenly machine gunned and killed with passerby Onofrio Valvola from an other car by Giuseppe Marchese, his uncle Filippo Marchese, Pino Greco and Salvatore Rotolo. The fingerprints of Giuseppe Marchese were found and identified by forensic expert docter Paolo Giaccone. Di Peri was replaced by Inzerillo's underboss Salvatore Montalto and Bontate's cosca was led by the Pullara brothers and Lo Iacono.

26 December 1981 was Villabate member Giuseppe Caruso killed.

Badalamenti and Buscetta meet in Brazil
Beginning august 1982 spoke Gaetano Badalamenti and Buscetta each other in Brazil, Badalamenti tries to pursue Buscetta to lead a counterattack against the Corleonesi.

triangle of Death (Bagheria, Altavilla and Casteldaccia)
Soon there are at Sicily in 5 days 11 murders in a small area that was called the triangle of Death (Bagheria, Altavilla and Casteldaccia). One of the victims is a brother in law of Marchese.

7 August 1982 got the carabinieri of Casteldaccia a phone call and they hear that they should inspect a car in front of the carabinieri post, in the trunk of the car the police find the bodies of Ignazio Pedone and Cesare Manzella. They were in the trunk done by Vincenzo “Undli” Sinagra and were strangled by Salvatore Rotolo, Vincenzo “Tempesta” Sinagra, Paolo Alfano and Salvatore Montalto.

Three days later (so 10 August 1982??) after several other murders somebody phoned again the police and said: We are the killers of the triangle of death, operation Carlo Alberto has almost been finished.

Villabate mafiosi and corleonesi enemies Di Peri killed
10 August 1982 were in ??Villabate ?? Salvatore Di Peri and Pietro Di Peri killed. Pietro was the father of the now killed Salvatore and of the earlier killed Giovanni Di Peri

Buscetta's friend Ignazio Lo Presti and brother in law ?? disappear
Gerlando Alberti then told Calo that Buscetta had met in brazil the boss Badalamenti and in August 1982 disappeared in Brazil then Buscetta's brother in law and at Sicily his friend Ignazio Lo Presti who informed him on what was happening at Sicily. Lo Presti is family of the important Salvo family.

3 September 1982 general Dalla Chiesa and his wife Emanuela and their bodyguard Domenico Russo went on their way to a restaurant. When they drove away a motor arrived steered by Mario Prestifilippo, the man behind was Pino Greco who shot and hit them all with his kalashnikov. Then stopped 2 cars from which stepped a man who finished them with gunfire. Under the killers in the car were Salvatore Cancemi and Santapaola`s killer Maurizio Avola, Calogero Ganci, G.G. Gambino and Francesco Paolo Anselmo. The newspaper then got a phone call and were told that operation Dalla Chiesa had been finished. The Cupola then had Bruno Contrada take incriminating papers from the house of the general to be destroyed according to pentiti.

Buscetta's sons Antonio and Benedetto Busctta killed
Then disappeared 11 September 1982 in Palermo Buscetta's sons Antonio Buscetta (32) and Benedetto Buscetta (34).

Vincenzo Sanfilippo killed
30 September 1982 was Vincenzo Sanfilippo killed

Giuseppe Greco “Scarpazeddu” attacked by Corleonesi enemies Giovanello Greco and Romano
Giuseppe Romano "americano" and Giovanello Greco try 25 December 1982 to assassinate Pino Greco, but he escapes.

Pentito Sefano Calzetta on attack at Giuseppe “Pino“ Greco aka “Scarpazeddu”
After the attack at Giuseppe Greco “Scarpazeddu” was Giovanni Zanca, who was in the company of Stefano Calzetta, approached by Lorenzo Tinnirello "u turchiceddu" and later by Salvatore Rotolo who informed them that the attack at Greco had been done by his own rebel cousin Giovanello Greco (who had chosen for the Bontate, Inzerillo and badalamenti clans) and Giuseppe Romano "americano".


Buscetta's son in law Giuseppe Genova and the brothers Antonio and Orazio D’Amico killed
26 December 1982, some men walk into the pizzeria “New York Place”of Buscetta’s sons Antonio Buscetta and Benedetto Buscetta and open fire and kill 3 men. They were Buscetta’s son in law Giuseppe Genova and the brothers Antonio D’Amico and Orazio D’Amico, family members of Buscetta’s first wife Melchiorra Cavallaro.

26 December 1982 were then killed Giovannello Greco's wife Francesca Ficano’s father Michele Ficano and her brother Gaspare Ficano.

olive oil and cheese dealer Giovanni Amodeo’s brother Paolo Amodeo killed
27 December 1982 the corleonesi want to kill olive oil and cheese dealer Giovanni Amodeo (Contorno family member??) because he is a friend of Salvatore Greco and his rebel son Giovanello Greco (23), Giovanni Amodeo wasn’t there so they killed his brother Paolo Amodeo (Contorno family member??).

Contorno family member Salvatore Zarcone killed
12 November 1983 was Contorno family member Salvatore Zarcone killed

olive oil and cheese dealer Giovanni Amodeo killed
the corleonesi killed 16 march 1983 olive oil and cheese dealer Giovanni Amodeo (Contorno family member??).

Contorno family member Calogero Bellini killed
the killers left a pistol behind with which 45 minutes before had been killed Contorno's family member Calogero Bellini (brother in law or married to a cousin of Contorno??) was 16 March 1983 killed.

15 September 1983 were 18 kilos of heroin found in tile crates headed for Andrea Aiello's warehouse in Niagara Falls, the feds replaced the heroin and let him ship it to Filippo Ragusa, a soldier from Rochester. Lorenzo Scaduto arranged with Salvatore Bartolotta to have Pietro Graffeo and Domenico LoGalbo to fly to Buffalo. Police then busted the operation and seized in total 24 kilos of heroin (including the first 18 kilos) and arrested Filippo Ragusa and Mannino`s man Paola La Porta in Buffalo. Filippo Ragusa’s daughter Francesca Ragusa got 5 years, her husband Salvatore Bartolotta 15 years and Filippo Ragusa’s son in law Lorenzo Scaduto also got 15 years.

Andrea Aiello was replaced as Buffalo's drug importer by Todaro's associate John Anticoli. His main men were Sam Amoia jr and Carmen Gallo, they sold the drugs to dealers from the west and the east side who sold it to the hispanics and the blacks. Carmen Gallo was killed by Dwayne Miles and Jeff Culbreath from the Winslow Avenue Gang from the west side. Carmen Gallo's stepfather was Frank BiFulco.

25 July 1985 led commissioner Montana (who leads the fugitive search team) and his men a success full action and they arrest 8 fugitive mafiosi in hotel Costa Verde in Cefalu under the arrested were Prizzi capomafia Tommaso Canella (he is a business partner of Michele Greco), Villabate capomafia Vitale Messicati, Antonio D’Amico (killed in 1988) and Biagio Picciurro. They had been celebrating the marriage of Francesco Madonia's daughter and also Riina and Provenzano had attended but were in time warned by secret service man Bruno Contrada the former head of the Palermian detectives.

28 July 1985 commissioner Montana went sailing with friends, when he came back he was shot dead in his swimming trousers by 2 killers. Under the killers were Salvatore Benigno and Francesco Spadaro (son of Kalsa capo mafia Tommaso Spadaro). Maurizio Puleo would have followed commissioner Montana with a motor bike and have alerted the killers who then arrived.

commissioner Montana his friend the commis¬sioner Cassara and judge Borsellino investigated the murder scene and soon police arrest Salvatore Marino (25), one of the killers and a friend of Giuseppe Savoca and Agostino Marino Mannoia. The angry agents under whom Natale Mondo beat him to death while they interrogate him 2 august 1985.

In 1985 when the palermitani had killed commissioner Montana, the palermitani proposed the catanesi of Santapaola to kill the commissioner’s brother who worked in Catania as a cardiologist.

Gateano Grado (brother of killed Grado) murders Partinico capo mafia Pietro Messicati Vitale (41)
12 July 1988 was Pietro Messicati Vitale the boss of Partinico killed in Bagheria by Gaetano Grado (brother of the killed Antonio Grado), his son is Antonino Messicati Vitale. He had gotten 8 years at the Maxi Bis trial. Contorno had said he was a capo in Villabate. Giovanello Greco was suspected of a string of murders of Corleonesi supporters like Pietro Messicati Vitale and the nephews Antonio D’Amico and Giuseppe D’Amico.

Ciaculli man Santo Prestifilippo (26) killed
Ciaculli man Santo Prestifilippo (26) was killed 27 July 1988 . his father was Giovanni Prestifilippo and Santo’s brother is Girolamo Prestifilippo and their nephew is Mario Prestifilippo.

Antonio D’Amico and Giuseppe D’Amico killed
In august 1988 were the nephews Antonio D’Amico and Giuseppe D’Amico killed. Giovanello Greco was suspected of a string of murders of Corleonesi supporters like Pietro Messicati Vitale and the nephews Antonio D’Amico and Giuseppe D’Amico.

pentito Salvatore Contorno's friends Francesco Fricano (26) and Giuseppe Lombardo (27) killed
27 September 1988 the Corleonesi murder Contorno’s brother in law Giuseppe Lombardo and their friend Francesco Fricano (a nephew of Contorno who leads the fight for the Contorno, Lombardo and Grado families against Riina’s Corleonesi). Under the leadership of Francesco Fricano (now killed) they had already killed 5 Corleonesi supporters. Gaetano Grado now leads the war for their families against Riina.

Giovanni Bontade and wife Francesca Giovanna Citarda killed
28 September 1988 police find the bodies of Bontade's brother Giovanni Bontade (43) and his wife Francesca Giovanna Citarda (42) in their palace, the corleonesi murdered them.

Guadagna capo mafia and heroin distiller Carlo Greco
Carlo Greco was accused of involvement in the murders of Giovanni Bontade and his wife Francesca Giovanna Citarda.

Certain Palermo bosses behind???
30 October 1988 was drug dealer Cristoforo Verderame killed in San Donato Milanese.

Giuseppe Marsalone killed
5 October 1988 police find the body of Giovanni Bontade’s chauffeur and bodyguard Giuseppe Marsalone (58).

San Giuseppe Jato meeting and murdercase Luigi Ranieri (58)
In 1988 there is in San Giuseppe Jato a meeting attended by San Giuseppe Jato sottocapo Baldassare DiMaggio, Cataldo capo mafia ? Leonardo? Messina and Angelo Siino (the brother in law of Bernardo Brusca and caretaker of Riina's interest in concrete). They talk about the refusal of the Palermitan builder Luigi Ranieri to leave the building of the institute for Geometry in Caltanissetta to an other firm controlled by the mafia. In December 1988 Luigi Ranieri get killed and the politician Gianfranco Occhipinti looks after that the order goes to the brothers Anzalone.

Contorno’s brother in law Sebastiano Lombardo killed
11 January 1989 was Contorno’s brother in law Sebastiano Lombardo shot and killed (brother Giuseppe Lombardo).

Pentito Gateano Grado (brother of killed grado)
29 March 1989 Gaetano Grado, Agostino D’Agati, Gabriele Gigilio and Giuseppe Di Peri killed in Casteldaccia Francesco Baiamonte. Marchese’s underboss Angelo Baiamonte???

Pentito Gateano Grado (brother of killed Antonino Grado)
14 April 1989 Gaetano Grado, Agostino D’Agati, Gabriele Gigilio and Giuseppe Di Peri killed in Casteldaccia Antonino Aspetti.

Bagheria's former capomafia Antonio Mineo killed
Antonio Mineo (80) former boss of Bagheria gets killed 18 April 1989. Antonio Mineo’s nephews are Bagheria CD secretary Francesco Mineo and senator Ignazio Mineo (killed 9 september 1984). For Mineo’s murder got pentito Giovanni Drago 16 years which he also got for the murder of the killer Giovanni Fici who he had killed 1 february 1988 because Fici wanted to kill Pino Greco’s killers Giuseppe Lucchese and Agostino Marino mannoia. Spoken free of the murder was Salvatore montalto

bagheria family. main guy is leonardo greco, alive and free but he's retired. he was appointed boss in 1989 by totò riina.

Ciaculli mafioso Agostino Marino Mannoia killed (Francesco Mannoia's brother)
20 April 1989 the corleonesi Cancemi kills Ciaculli mafioso Agostino Marino Mannoia (23) and let his body disappear and his brother Francesco Mannoia (son in law of Pietro Vernengo) from Santa Maria di Gesu starts to fear that his family have got Riina's attention attracted in a negative way.

pentito Francesco Mannoia
After the murder of his brother Agostino Marino Mannoia began Francesco Mannoia to talk to the police. Mannoia belonged with Contorno to Bontate's most trusted men but was left alone because his brother Agostino was an important killer for his bosses Greco and Puccio. Francesco Mannoia had 17 murders committed and was the heroin distiller of the Corleonesi.

6 May 1989 was in Bagheria in his car shot and killed Calogero Lo Galbo (52 and the brother of the since 1981 fugitive Domenico Lo Galbo who had gotten 18 years with his uncle Filippo Ragusa for smuggling drugs to the USA and he was reputed to be close with the killed boss Antonio Mineo, 80)

Gateano Grado (brother of killed Antonino Grado)
9 May 1989 Gaetano Grado, Agostino D’Agati, Gabriele Gigilio and Giuseppe Di Peri killed in Palermo Domenico Russo.

Giuseppe Di Peri
11 May 1989 was Giuseppe Di Peri severely wounded when he was attacked by Gaetano Grado and Antonino Grado

11 May 1989 Ciaculli boss Vincenzo Puccio gets killed in Ucciardone prison by the prisoners and brothers Giuseppe and Antonio Marchese and Giovanni Di Gaetano. 7 Minuts later Vincenzo`s brother Pietro Puccio get shot to death at a cemetery. The Ciaculli boss had rebelled against Riina. The Ciaculli boss becomes now Giuseppe Lucchese

Pietro Messicati Vitale righthand Biagio Cerva killed
17 May 1989 was Biagio Cerva (50) killed and his son Luciano Cerva (19) wounded. Biagio Cerva was free since 15 April 1989 after serving his sentence from the Maxi 3 trial. He was the righthand of the killed Pietro Messicati Vitale who was killed in July 1988)

23 May 1989 were killed Onofrio Tutino (39) and Bartolomeo Scaduto (48). Scaduto had worked with the in prison killed Vincenzo Puccio.

Bartolomeo Scaduto (48) the father of Pietro and Salvatore, was killed together with Onofrio Tutino (39) in an ambush during the so-called third war of the Mafia that had its epicenter in Bagheria. From March to August 1989 a dozen murders were committed. Scaduto was tied to the clan of Vincenzo Puccio

the brothers Peter Scaduto and Salvatore Scaduto had fled to Canada in 1989 when their father had been killed in Bagheria.

pentito Salvatore Contorno rearrested
26 May 1989 Gaetano Grado, his wife Santa Di Maria and Salvatore Contorno get arrested in Palermo in a small area called the triangle of death (Bagheria, Altavilla and Casteldaccia) where the last months were 17 killings of Riina supporters. Now police arrest 16 mafiosi who helped Contorno with his vendetta under them Agostino D`Agati who becomes pentito and Adolfo Fiorini who had a machinegun. (Two weeks earlier had been arrested Salvatore Di Peri)
Gaetano Grado’s brother Salvatore Grado also arrested

Pentito Contorno’s (Francesco Mannoia's??) familymembers killed
Ciaculli boss Giuseppe Lucchese orders that same year 1989 the murders of Contorno’s family members Giorgio and Salvatore Mandala who were killed late june 1989 or early july 1989. Also family of Mannoia???

Pentito Salvatore Contorno
4 July 1989 was Simone Di Maria (34) killed, he is the brother of Santa di Maria the wife of Contorno’s nephew Gaetano Grado. He is the 24th family member of Contorno who was killed

Antonino Puccio the last of the Puccio brothers get killed 5 July 1989.

5 August 1989 agent Antonino Agostino (28) and his wife Ida Castellucci (19) were shot and killed in Villagrazia di Carini by Nino Madonia who later got a lifesentence for the murder.

Guadagna capomafia and heroindistiller Carlo Greco
In december 1989 Carlo Greco got housearrest and becomes a fugitive.

pentito Francesco Mannoia testimonies on Palermo's pizzo racket
In december 1989 police arrest 17 men of 30 of the Madonia cosca on Mannoia's testifying. Aglieri`s underboss Profeta was the leader of the extortion rackets for all the palermitan families in Palermo and every shopkeeper pays the pizzo. Also connected the arrested Antonino Madonia, his father Francesco Madonia, Francesco's brother Diego madonia, Francesco`s sons Giuseppe Madonia, Antonino Madonia and Salvatore Madonia, Noce boss Ganci, Arenella bossses Vincenzo Galatolo, Giuseppe Galatolo and Raffaele Galatolo, Carlo Greco, Antonino Pipitone, Marco Favaloro, Antonio Avitabile, Lorenzo Tinnirello, Gaspare Compagnone, Vincenzo Alicata, Francesco Rappa, Baldassare Ruvolo and Roberto Enea. Some got arrested much later.

Pentito Marco Favaloro’s wife Giuseppina Mandarano

Mannoia's father in law the boss Vernengo get the order from the Cupola to silence his son in law and Vernengo orders 22 december 1989 the killing of Mannoia`s uncle Carlo Schiavo (57 and the husband of the killed Mannoia aunt Anna Costantino). Mannoia`s uncle Carlo Schiavo had been arrested 29 september 1984 with others on Buscetta’s testimony.

Contorno’s friend D’Agati and Buffa killed in Rimini
25 October 1991 were in Rimini the from prison set free pentito Agostino D`Agati (36) and Ernesto Buffa (36) in a car shot dead because D’Agati is a friend of Contorno. They were killed by Marsala mafioso Antonio Patti, Mazara del Vallo mafioso Vincenzo Sinacori, Catanesi Santo Mazzei, Salvatore Facella and Catanesi Matteo Mazzei (brother Santo).

Giuseppe Di Peri
16 April 1992 was Giuseppe Di Peri again attacked

Villabate capomandamento Giuseppe Montalto arrested
4 february 1993 was Cupola member Giuseppe Montalto (34) arrested he is married with a DiMaggio of the DiMaggio Spatola Inzerillo Gambino families.

Riina’s enemies meet in Marseille
When later again arrested “Totuccio” Contorno confessed that he had attended in november 1994 a meeting in Marseille which was also attended by the fugitive boss Pietro Aglieri, Contorno’s nephew Gaetano Grado, Antonino Di Peri (not much later in Palermo killed), Giovanello Greco and other bosses. The connection between Contorno and Aglieri was later betrayed by pentito Pasquale di Filippo.

Villabate’s (Aglieri of the palermitans) Di Peri- Montalto (Bagarella of the Corleonesi) war
25 November 1994 was Villabate capomafia Salvatore Montalto’s son Francesco Montalto killed by Giuseppe Di Peri and his son Salvatore Paolo Di Peri at the orders of Aglieri. Salvatore Montalto is a member of Palermo's Cupola and is a supporter of Bagarella.

Giuseppe Barreca killed
In november 1994 was Giuseppe Barreca killed and later talked about his murder pentito Giovanni Brusca after which Leonardo Vitale and Giuseppe Gerardi were indicted.

Riina’s wife Ninetta Bagarella and their children
Ninetta Bagarella had heared that Corleone citizen Giuseppe Giammona had been seen with two unknown men from outside of Corleone in the town and she suspects them of arranging the kidnapping of one of her children. Toto Riina's son Giovanni Riina spoke with Bagarella and they decided to kill Giuseppe Giammona and Contorno's nephew Marcello Grado.

Alcamo double murdercase Pirrones
24 January 1995 were Caterina Pirrone and her brother Giuseppe killed, she was the girlfriend of Lorenzo Greco who becomes 8 may 1995 pentito.

Canicatti boss Giuseppe Ferro arrested
31 January 1995 was Giuseppe Ferro the boss of Alcamo and Castellammare arrested, he is a suspect in the murders of the Pirrones.

Corleone murdercase Giusto Giammona
28 January 1995 was in Corleone Giuseppe Giammona (23) killed by Leoluca Bagarella and his men Antonino Mangano and Antonino Calvaruso.

Bagarella Riina kill in Corleone Giovanna Giammona and Saporito
25 February 1995 were also Giuseppe Giammona’s sister Giovanna Giammona (27) and her husband Francesco Saporito killed in Corleone because they were asking around about the murder of her brother. Leoluca Bagarella, Giovanni Riina, Antonino Mangano and Tony Calvaruso were accused of their murders, the murder of Giuseppe Giammona and the murders of 4 other young men (Marcello “Marco” Grado and his friends Luigi Vullo, Onofrio Catalano and Giannantonio Sole) who they suspected of planning the kidnapping of one of Riina’s children.

Corleonesi kill their enemies Marcello “Marco” Grado and Luigi Vullo
2 March 1995 they kill Contorno's young nephew Marcello “Marco” Grado (the son of Gaetano Grado who got 5 years for mafia association) and his friend Luigi Vullo because they are suspected of preparing the kidnapping of one of Riina’s children. According to pentito Tony Calvaruso was Nicola Di Trapani responsible with Bagarella for the murders of Marcello Grado, his friend Luigi Vullo and Domingo Buscetta (nephew of Tommaso Buscetta).

Corleonesi kill their enemy Catalano (Grado friend)
3 March 1995 they kill then Grado's friend the drugtrafficker Onofrio Catalano in Caltanissetta, he was sought by police for 12 years.

Filippo Mineo
3 March 1995 was Armando Vitale killed he is the brother in law of Filippo Mineo who had disappeared and had supported Stefano Bontate in the past.

Pentito Buscetta's 12th familymember killed
6 March 1995 was Domenico Buscetta (45) killed by ?? Spatuzza?? , Nicolo Mandala (the son of Nino Mandala, the president of Forza Italia in Villabate) and Salvatore Barbagallo (later he became pentito) he is the son of Vincenzo Buscetta and a brother of Benedetto Buscetta who were killed in 1982, he is the 12th killed familymember of Tommaso Buscetta. According to pentito Tony Calvaruso was Nicola Di Trapani responsible with Bagarella for the murders of Marcello Grado, his friend Luigi Vullo and Domingo?????? Buscetta (nephew of Tommaso Buscetta).

Villabate’s (Aglieri) Di Peri- Montalto (Bagarella) war
11 March 1995 were Giuseppe Di Peri and his son Salvatore Paolo Di Peri killed by Spatuzza??.

Partinico capomafia "Nene"Geraci trustee Girolamo Salvia killed
22 March 1995 they find the body of Girolamo Salvia, a trustee of Partinico boss Nene Geraci.

Corleonesi kill Sole (Grado family)
23 march 1995 was in Carini (Pa) in a burned out car the body of Giannantonio (Gianmatteo) Sole found, one of his sisters was the wife of Marcello Grado.

Villabate’s (Aglieri) Di Peri- Montalto (Bagarella) war
28 April 1995 was in Villabate Giovanni Spataro killed by 2 assassins dressed as policemen. He is linked to the murdered Di Peri men.

Villabate’s (Aglieri) Di Peri- Montalto (Bagarella) war
29 April 1995 the body of Gaetano Buscemi was found, he is a friend of Spataro and had disappeared the night before.

Villabate capomafia Andrea Cottone arrested
6 September 1995 was Andrea Cottone arrested, he is the boss of Villabate and was related to the Montalto clan and close to Leoluca Bagarella.

Brusca trustee and Partinico capo mafia Vito Vitale
9 November 1996 police confiscate for 71 billion lire of goods and assets of 2 suspected members of the mafia. Cosimo Parrinella (from Trabia) and Giovanni Bonomo (from Partinico). Bonomo is still at large and was a trustee of Partinico’s boss Vito Vitale. In one of the confiscated buildings police think there was a meeting between Giovanni Bonomo, Giovanni Brusca and Leoluca Bagarella.

Villabate’s (Aglieri) Di Peri- Montalto (Bagarella) war
10 November 1996 were in Villabate killed Angelo Lo Cicero and Paolo Tesauro, in the Di Peri- Montalto war have then been 10 killings. Close to Di Peri is Pietro Mancarella.

Villabate capocosca Antonino Mandala arrested
Il 6 giugno 1998 è stato arrestato per associazione mafiosa ma è scarcerato due anni dopo per decorrenza dei termini e porta di nuovo avanti i suoi progetti che si erano fermati con l'arresto.

the attempted murders in 2004, in Toronto, of Michele Modica, Andrea Carbone, Pietro Scaduto, and Michele Marrese. Carbone and Scaduto were serving as Modica's bodyguards and muscle while here in Toronto. As all of us familiar with the California Sandwiches shooting know, Pietro Scarcella masterminded the plot and was arrested a year later.

La villa, costruita sul litorale di Altavilla Milicia, nel meraviglioso golfo tra il lido Sporting ed il promontorio denominato "L’ombelico di Venere", era di proprietà dell’imprenditore Salvatore Geraci, già affiliato a "cosa nostra" di Bagheria ed ucciso nel 2004.

Villabate capocosca Antonino Mandala again arrested
Il 25 gennaio 2005 viene di nuovo arrestato nel corso dell’operazione "Grande Mandamento" dove sono stati arrestati 82 fiancheggiaori dell'allora latitante Bernardo Provenzano.

Michele Modica and Andrea Carbone plotted to kill Bagheria boss Pietro Lo Iacono in July 2008???????

Bagheria capo mafia Massimiliano Ficano arrested (Provenzano ally)
Bagheria capo mafia Massimiliano Ficano (34 and his brother in law is Provenzano man Simone Castello) was 1 december 2009 arrested with his father Leonardo Ficano (67), Francesco Pipia (52), Cristoforo Morici (56), Stefano Lo Verso (48), Dario Comparetto (27) and Giuseppe Comparetto (33), Emanuele Giovanni Leonforte (39) and Provenzano man Onofrio Morreale (44).

Villabate (or Brancaccio – corso dei mille ??)
capo mandamento Francesco Di Fresco (53) was arrested 6 October 2010

Antonino Zarcone capo mafia of Altavilla Milicia

Operation Pedro against pizzo extortion in Palermo
13 December 2011 police arrest in operation Pedro then Antonino Zarcone (Bagheria mandamento), Nicolo Milano, Vincenzo Coniglio, Giuseppe di Marco, Antonino Lo Iacono, Gabriele Buccheri, Maurizio Pecoraro, Daniele Lauria, Agostino Catalano, Rudolfo Allicate, Francesco Paolo Putano, Giuseppe Auteri, Giovanni Giammona, Giovanni Lo Giudice, Domenico Marino, Christian Mancino, Matteo Rovetto, Salvatore Sampino, Giovanni Mannino, Giuseppe Giustino Rizzo, Fabrizio Toscano, Giovanni Toscano, Nunzio La Torre, Francesco Chiarello, Ivano Parrino and Gaspare Parisi

Antonino Messicati Vitale arrested
In Bali (Indonesia) was in December 2012 Antonino Messicati Vitale arrested (he is the son of the in 1988 killed Pietro Messicati Vitale

8 May 2013 were arrested Giacinto Di Salvo (70 and born in Bagheria), Sergio Flamia (50); Silvestro Girgenti (42); Salvatore Bruno (36 from Bagheria); Driss Mozdahir (26); Francesco Centineo (29); Vincenzo Gagliano (49); Vincenzo Graniti (48 from Bagheria); Pietro Liga (47); Salvatore Fontana (63 from Misilmeri); Michele Cirrincione (29), Atanasio Leonforte (58 from Ficarazzi); Salvatore Lauricella (37); Pietro Granà (72 from Altavilla Milicia); Rosario La Mantia (49); Raffaele Purti (47); Vincenzo Gennaro (56); Umberto Guagliardo (24); Pietro Tirrena (38); Giuseppe Carbone (44); Settimo Montesanto (31 from Casteldaccia)

10 May 2013 were Canadians Juan Ramon Fernandez “Joe Bravo” (57) and Fernando Pimentel found killed in Casteldaccia. Suspects were the brothers Peter Scaduto (49) and Salvatore Scaduto (51) from Bagheria and Giuseppe Salvatore Carbone (brother of Andrea Carbone). The brothers Scaduto had fled to Canada in 1989 when their father had been killed in Bagheria.

Bagheria capo Nicolo Eucaliptus and his son Salvatore Eucaliptus and daughter Ignazia Eucaliptus (wife of Onofrio

Bagheria capomandamento is Bagheria capo mafia Leonardo Greco bur his acting capomandamneto is Giuseppe Scaduto

Sergio Flamia and Carmelo Bartolone are capos in the Bagheria family

Flamia served the bosses Scaduto, Antonino Zarcone, Di Salvo.

Michele Modica, who was shot in Toronto on Pietro Scarcella's orders was surely linked to the Bagheria family. I read Giuseppe Scaduto later used his crew to try to kill Pietro Lo Iacono (the hit failed) in Sicily.
08-03-2013, 01:49:31 08-03-2013, 01:49:31
Post #4392

Hi Ich bin zu dem Gästebuch gelangt weil ich Nachforschungen betreiben, über die Familie von meiner Verlobten, ich weis nicht viel nur das sie aus Neapel stammt und ihr Vater genug Geld hat, ach ja Name ist Totaro. falls jemand Infos hat wer ihr Vater sein könnte , wäre ich sehr dankbar. paar eck Daten hab ich noch.
sie hat noch 6 Brüder alle älter alle haben irgendwelche Restaurants, Geschäfte und einer sogar eine Flug Firma usw. falls jemand etwas raus bekommt, danke ich vielmals.
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01-06-2012, 19:13:38 01-06-2012, 19:13:38
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: german
guten abend Smile
23-03-2012, 16:14:02 23-03-2012, 16:14:02
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Hallo Gemeinde
für die, die der Englischen Sprache mehr oder weniger Herr sind, empfehle ich diesen Link Friend of ours

Ziemlich stark die Seite.


p.s. ein spezieller Gruss geht an Montanta! Ich hoffe bei Dir ist alles gut! Un abbraccio!
23-11-2011, 14:35:46 23-11-2011, 14:35:46
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Noch was loss ?
In Rom wurden zwei Leute ermordet Giovanni 'Baficchio' Galleoni und Francesco 'Sorcanera' Antonini. Einheimische Kriminelle hat eienr mehr Infos bzw Bilder ?
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: brighton
Thans for sharing.
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